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How Stitch Fix Works: A Detailed Guide

My “why” for Stitch Fix is that I’m somewhat of a shopaholic. A lot of people join because they hate shopping for clothes, and that’s a fantastic reason. In my case, I love buying new clothes, but after I’ve worn them a couple of times they usually get shoved in the back of my closet. This is because I love buying clothes so much, that I’m not picky enough with style and quality. Stitch Fix forces me to schedule my shopping experience, and I get clothes that are a much higher quality than the pieces I would shop for in-store.


Initial Cost: $20 styling fee, which is applied towards any clothing you buy. You can get started with your stylist using my referral link.

Average Item Price: $30-$80

I always tell my stylist my budget. I’ve received many shirts for $30-$40, an adorable swing dress for $48, and high quality jeans for around $80.

How Stitch Fix Works

Stitch Fix is like having a remote personal stylist. They can’t measure you, so they rely on your data and requests to choose five pieces that they think you will love. The more fixes you get, the better your stylist gets to know what you like. I always request the same stylist every time I get a fix.

The first time you schedule your fix, you’ll fill out a survey telling your stylist your measurements and the style of clothes you like. I’ve found that their sizing survey is perfect, because all of the clothes they send fit very well. However, the quick style questions you answer aren’t enough. You’ll need to communicate with your stylist what your style is by sharing some examples. Most people do this by creating a Pinterest board where they pin clothes that they love. Here’s the Pinterest board I give to my stylist before a fix.

You pay a styling fee of $20, but you can apply that credit to the cost of any clothes you keep. Word on the street is that they’re testing a $45 fee for unlimited fixes for the year, but I have yet to receive that deal on my account.

Your fix ships and arrives on the day you schedule it for. They send five pieces for you to try on. You have 3 days to try the clothes on (but you can extend a few more if you need it), and then you send back the rest in a pre-printed mailer. Shipping both ways is free, and you only pay for what you keep. You get a huge 25% discount if you keep all 5 items, which will happen a lot once your stylist gets to know you!

In your fix, you’ll get a note from your stylist. In this note, she explains why she chose these pieces, and gives any extra tips for styling. You’ll also receive a card that shows different ways to style the outfits. I often use these to determine which colors to match certain pieces with. I almost always ask for outfits in my boxes though, so the items I receive usually already coordinate!

Stitch Fix Note

Communicating with Your Stylist

The first time you schedule a fix, it’s important to be very specific with your stylist. As your stylist gets to know you, you won’t have to give them as much information each time.

These are the things I told my stylist in my first note to make sure that this fix was awesome:

  • I told her what I planned to do in the clothes (In other words, I told her I’m a mom and I DON’T dress up usually).
  • I shared my Pinterest board.
  • I asked for specific pieces (I asked for jeans and tops to layer).
  • I keep my style profile up to date. I always mark no on jewelry and heavy outwear because I don’t want those items. However, I recently updated my cut of jeans to include high waist (mom jeans!).

Pinterest Boards

Yes, a Pinterest board is absolutely necessary if you want your fixes to be great at first. Without one, it might take a little bit longer for your stylist to understand your style. From your Pinterest board, your stylist can gather which colors and styles you love the most.

You can now add sections to your Pinterest boards, so I sometimes add sections depending on the season or theme of fix I want. For example, if I pin dressy clothes, but don’t want dressy clothes in most of my fixes, I put them in my “Date Night” section so my stylist knows that they’re only for inspiration when I ask for a date night fix.

I also have a section that has photos of me wearing my Stitch Fix clothes. You can take quick pictures of yourself and add them to this board so that your stylist can see how the clothes fit on you. This replicates the idea of having a personal shopper (without the price that goes along with one).

Pinterest board sections


Occasionally I get an item that doesn’t fix because the brand has wonky sizing. This happened recently with a pair of canvas TOMS shoes. The canvas ones were a lot tighter than my other pairs, so I needed a 7 1/2 instead of my usual 7. When you need to exchange, you can do it at checkout if they have your size in stock. My exchange shipped a few hours after my return package scanned in at the post office, and I had them in a few days. I’m sure this isn’t always the case, but I was very impressed that time!

Customer Service

My favorite thing about Stitch Fix is their customer service. I had a stylist that I absolutely loved and she left for another job. My next stylist just didn’t get me. It happens. They matched me with a new one based off of my style, and she has been great. I’ve also emailed customer service before because I was having a hard time getting jeans I liked in my post-baby size. Jeans and I have a love/hate relationship. The customer service agent that responded asked me for a list of the materials in my favorite pair of jeans, and my next fix I got a very similar pair that fit my body right.

After a few fixes, your stylist will know your style and preferences well. Every fix I find that my stylist seems to understand me better and better.

If you decide to join Stitch Fix, please help me out by using my referral link!

How does Stitch Fix Work?

Photos by Lauren Tchinski

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