About Me

Hi and welcome! I’m April, and this is my lifestyle blog. I’ve been a teacher blogger for over 6 years, but I’ve always enjoyed reading lifestyle blogs. After years of wanting to create my own, I’m finally jumping in!

I’ve spent the last two years helping mentor teachers through my blog and online professional development course. If you’re visiting from my teaching blog, thank you!

I love the technical aspects behind blogging. I built this WordPress site myself and I enjoy web design (as a hobby) quite a bit. I’ll often share tutorials on this blog about things you might find useful in your blogging journey.

I’ll also share a lot about family and fashion. It’s been a tough journey to find clothes after becoming a mom, but I’m starting to find out what works for me now. Follow my Instagram for a ton of pictures of my everyday style!

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Work With Me

If you have a brand that you think I would like, please fill out the contact form below. I’m open to working with brands that my audience could fall in love with. I’m also open to collaboration with other mom or teacher bloggers!